Name: Yulia

Profession: Tour Guide and Teacher

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Lives with: Husband and 4 children (18, 12, and 8 year old twins).

Music: To enjoy a music video with pictures of Almaty while you read this spotlight, click on the link above or here.

Yulia was our city tour guide for a morning while we explored Almaty, Kazakhstan.  She talked of Stalin, Lenin, war, faith, meanings of the flag, the movement of the capital, and the parks in the area.  She entertained us with stories of tree plantings when official promises were made.  She talked of international and civil wars as well as girls participation in them.  We learned the snow leopard is one of their national symbols.  The saying goes the snow leopard loves freedom and if it is kept against its will it will die quickly.   She said this is a symbol of Kazakhstan because the people here are traditionally nomads who also love their freedom.  In between showing us the main city sights and going over the history of the area, she entertained me with responses to a few questions.  She didn't speak English, so our GAdventure tour guide translated.

And the spotlight begins….

Where were you born?  Here in Almaty.  I am a 4th generation here.


How long have you been a tour guide?: 12 years. 

Do you guide everyday?: Yes, it is very busy in the summer.

What about the winter?: In the winter I am a kindergarten and elementary school teacher.  Because of the lack of teachers, I teach many grades.   There are not enough teachers for all of the teaching jobs.  This may be the case because the job deals not just with kids, but with a lot of paperwork.

How do you feel about your job as a tour guide and why: I love the job.  I love the people, history, archaeology, and architecture.

You have 4 kids?:  Yes, it is easy to have four children and pay for their education.  It is easy to have many children here.

What are your goals for the future: To bring up children and travel.  I want to see the whole world, especially Siberia.  It is too hot here, I want to go somewhere cold. 


Our tour had ended and so had my time with Yulia.  Thank you Yulia for a wonderful tour!  When you are in the area, check her out for some interesting facts and history of the city of Almaty.

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