Name: Theo D.

Occupation: Used Car Sales

Age: 70

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Current Country Count:  148

Music: Listen to a collection of Australian music while reading about Theo.

Theo was an adventurer.  He wandered the streets on his own relishing in alone time just as much as group time.  He had stories, loved to laugh, and told me about the World Adventurers Club. He had a smile that was contagious.  While waiting for our airplane to depart, I was able to sit back and ask him a few questions.


And the spotlight begins….

When Did You Start Traveling and Why:   1963.  In the navy for Australia went straight overseas within 2 – 3 weeks after getting on the ship.

What is Your Most Memorable Country and Why: Brazil because of the women and the beaches. 

What Is Your Inspiration to Travel: It is exciting when you are in a new place every day.  Something you have never done before.

Do You Buy Any Souvenirs: No.  Only t-shirts for kids when they are into a certain sport (mauy-thai for example).

How Often Do You Travel:   Every 6 months. Will do another three trips in the next three months though. Army reunion in Borneo in the next few months.

How Long Do You Normally Travel: Mostly 3 weeks.  Some of the other ones might be 2.


How Do You Afford to Travel: Well I have a lot of money in the bank and I have a huge car business and I don’t need to spend it on anything else.  These clothes are only a few dollars each.  I still have sports cars, but I keep them and sell them.

How Do You Plan Your Travels:  I look up travel agents and compare them and their offered trips. Use other traveller’s itineraries and follow them as well.

How Much Time Do You Take Off Per Year: I have my own business so I can work whenever I like.

Travel Tips:

1) Swap t-shirts:  T-shirts and sunglass and caps through Asia.  You can use them as currency.  You can buy food even.

2) Souvenirs:  Buy something the kids will really want to wear (based on their interests).  Quality is much more important than quantity. Because you can buy t-shirts for a few dollars, but you got to get something that is real spectacular.  My girls are real t-shirt wearers.


I look forward to hearing more stories in the future Theo.  Until we meet again!

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