One of my earliest memories was riding on a bicycle in a square patch of cement in front of our house. I would hum as I rode along. I knew I had found something good when the words that came out of my mouth would also form tears in my eyes. I jumped off my bike. Having a paper and pencil ready to write, I wrote down my creation.

That was just the beginning. I joined chorus in 6th grade and in 8th grade I found a music instructor to begin private piano and vocal lessons. My music writing continued until I graduated from high school.

And then somehow I lost it...

And Then It Was Found

The only way to get things done is to actually do them.


So to start, I am going to make the time to re-focus on this passion. 3 hours a week devoted to singing (and then writing about it on here).

The Goal

3 songs with accompanying music videos completed within a year (May 2018).

The Process


Week 1:

It has been awhile and times have changed.  I want to write music, but where do I start?! During music lessons, my instructor told me about counting syllables and how to rhyme at the end of each sentence when creating music. Is that still the same?

First thing is first, research.

Today's article: How to Write a Song by wikihow

What I learned: I need to start writing. I don't necessarily need to rhyme at the end of each line - or even at all.

Next week's lesson: How to Write Lyrics.

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