Name: Sharon M.

Age: 42

Occupation: Pediatric Nurse

Location: Sydney, Australia

Current Country Count:   80

Favorite Travel Song: Heartbeats by Jose Gonvalez.  Click on the video above or follow the link*As a side note this song plays in Walter Mitty. Good travel movie if you are interested.

Sharon and her husband, Keith, joined the journey from Almaty to Tashkent.  We rode the same buses, shared travel stories, often ate across from each other, and even walked the same speed.  Fascinating couple.  While bumping along a dirt road together, I pulled out my computer and was able to ask her a few questions.  

And the spotlight begins….

When Did you Start Traveling and Why:   1994 (age 22). Just to see the world.  Just to see new countries.  It was actually because I wanted to ski overseas and try a new ski world.

What is Your Most Memorable Country and Why:  Jordan because that is where Keith and I met on a tour. Italy because the food 24/7.  Every meal is fantastic.   Sandwiches, pizza, pasta, gelato. France as well for the bread and pastries and you will always get a good pasta. 

What Is Your Inspiration To Travel: I actually think things are very different.  It is amazing to see how other people live.  To appreciate what you have. Most of your complaints are a first world problem and other people have other problems.

Do You Buy Any Souvenirs: Fridge magnets.  Generally I like it if it can be practical and you can use it.  A nice throw, slippers.

How Often Do You Travel:   At least twice international (per year).  Proper trips where you are on an airplane. Domestic we might go away 3 – 4 times a year. 

How Long Do You Normally Travel: At home (domestic) a weekend.  International – just over two weeks. 

How Do You Afford to Travel: We just save.  We catch up at friends’ houses instead of going out.

How Do You Plan Your Travels:  It is usually through just chatting to other people. Seeing where we have been.  Knowing what I like.  Knowing where I have and haven’t been.  Through internet.  I also buy and look at travel magazines. 

How Much Time Do You Take Off Per Year: 4 weeks.

Travel Tips:


1) Packing: Bring a wash bag: It is so much easier than trying to block a sink and clean your clothes while traveling. 

2) Packing: Bring Probiotics for your tummy. To help with tummy problems.  This is a preventative and better than having food problems.  

3) Packing: Bring a nice soap: it can remind you of home.  

4) Packing: If you are going to a country less developed bring some practical gifts for maybe a school or hospital.  Bring some exercise books, pencils, pens, toothbrushes, anything you can pick up cheap in your country and they will appreciate it.

​​Sharon and her husband left the group at Tashkent, Uzbekistan to return home.  I enjoyed listening to their travel adventures and sharing in our own.  See you in Australia... and/or maybe in another off the beaten destination. 

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