Name: Sarah W.

Age: 37

Occupation: Primary Teacher

Location: Den Haag, Netherlands

Originally From: Melbourne, Australia

Current Country Count: 8

Favorite Song: Cyndi Lauper “Time After Time”

Sarah is my roommate throughout the 15 day Baltic Experience Intrepid Tour.  She laughs with me, explores with me, and is ready for just about anything.  I look forward to sharing more stories... and what the trip brings us!  During one evening as we were lounging in the hotel room, I was able to sit and ask her a few questions...

And the spotlight begins….

When Did you Start Traveling and Why: I left New Zealand when I was 7 years old to move to Australia. And then I moved back to New Zealand when I was 18 for a year and a half and I saw a lot of New Zealand I hadn’t seen before then with friends as an 18 year old.  Then I moved back to Australia and spent a year on the road up and down the eastern side of Australia for work going to big cities and small country towns.


What is Your Most Memorable Country and Why: The South Island of New Zealand because everywhere was like looking at a postcard no matter which way you turned.  And I had experience both as a local and a tourist depending on which day and who I was staying with.  


What Is Your Inspiration To Travel:  Curiosity.  

Highlight of Traveling: I think recently moving to Holland and seeing myself in their faces.  I realized that even though I am very tall, it is just normal.  

Lowlight of Traveling: Squat toilets in Cambodia.

How Often Do You Travel:  Hmmm… Getting out of town once a month.  

How Long Do You Normally Travel: Either for a weekend or two weeks.

How Do You Plan Your Travels: Badly (laughs).  I look at advertised flights and I wait to see which one sends a bit of a thrill up my spine.  Then I will plan my flight and start investigating the country and go from there.  It flows from the flight being booked.

Where Do You Look For These Advertised Flights: Newsletters. KLM.   Easyjet.

How Much Time Do You Take Off Per Year:  11 weeks

Travel tips:

  1. Packing: In Europe wearing Sketchers or other casual shoes with jeans is standard. High heels are not necessary.

  2. Airport: There is nothing wrong with getting to the airport early. You can just stop stressing if you are there early.

  3. Expect that simple things are going to be made more complex than you are used to.

Preferred form of travel: I prefer not to be alone in the evenings. So I would say ... With friends. Tips for traveling with friends: Discuss your expectations with them before you go.  Is 1 museum enough or is someone keen to see 5 per day?

I look forward to our adventures to come Sarah!  Thank you for being a respectful, enjoyable, and fun Intrepid tour roomie!

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