Name: Sandrine J.

From:  Paris, France

Living in: Lausanne, Switzerland

Age: 43

Current Country Count: 12

Occupation: Purchasing and Commodity Manager at Audemars Piguet

Favorite song:  Ella Fitzgerald.  "I don’t remember the song. French song".

Sandrine joined the GAdventures Multi-Stan tour in Tajikistan.  She came with a brilliant smile and this energy about her that radiated throughout the group.  Her laughter and positive attitude seemed to lighten any mood.  She also seemed to attract children who followed her around in many of the cities we visited.  During an evening meal, I was able to ask her a few questions…  

And the spotlight begins….

When Did you Start Traveling and Why: A long time ago.  When I was 20. Probably to meet different people.    

What is Your Most Memorable Country and Why: China.  It is so different for us – the way of life, all the cultural differences – the way of educating children.  

What Is Your Inspiration to Travel:  My goal is to become rich with all of the experiences and be rich by discovering other landscapes but more by exchanging with other people.  

Highlight of Traveling: I am quite touched by the people but especially by the kids.  All situations are different, but for example today when we saw the children on the mountains.  It was touching.  It shows us that we have to focus on life.  We have a lot.  They have nothing.  And there is no saying we are more happy than them.  It makes me think about the essentials of life.


Lowlight of Traveling: No not really.  I don’t have any moments where it was particularly difficult.


How Often Do You Travel:   When I can.  I didn’t have a regular routine.  It is according to my opportunity.  To my possibilities. To my job.  When I can according to my feelings.


How Long Do You Normally Travel: Depends on the country.  When I travel in Europe it could be 4 -5 days.  When I travel to a country which is very far from my home it is longer.


How Do You Plan Your Travels: Tour Agency.                                                                                             

How Much Time Do You Take Off Per Year:  7 weeks.


Travel tips:


1) I have learned by experience from travel.  I travel with few things.  Pack lightly and only take the essentials because it is not the most important thing to have very nice things when you travel.  It is going back to essentials.  When I work I have to wear particular clothes.  When I travel I like to go back to the essentials. 


2) I always travel with something that is linked to someone or my home or that gives me serenity, for example a bracelet – a gift that someone gave me.  Sometimes I travel with a small stuffed animal.

Preferred form of travel: With friends.  Benefit: To share and discuss about your travel.  To be able to share what you see together. 


Sandrine and I parted ways as the GAdventure Multi-Stan tour came to an end.  I enjoyed our adventures, conversations, and long walks in the mountains. Until next time Sandrine.  Keep smiling and lifting spirits!  All the best…

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