• Marti Deyo

1 Day in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Our 5 week adventure through 8 states began with 3 full days in Oahu and 7 days on the Big Island of Hawaii then continued with 2 days in Toronto, Canada. After a $10 greyhound bus, we found ourselves in Niagara Falls for a full day and overnight of waterfall adventures. Read on to learn more about our daily activities during our time in Niagara Falls as well as tips we learned along the way.

Day #1: The smell of waffles and fresh coffee greeted us at our $35 a night airbnb in Niagara Falls. Our host graciously offered for us to sit down and eat for a bit before heading out to see the attractions. As we made our way outside, we were magically transported to Las Vegas - greeted with the neon lights and amusement attractions in the main street. Apparently haunted houses are very popular here; almost every other store seemed to be of the "let me scare" you nature. Soon the distant sound of the falls seemed to call a marching beat to our feet and we could not resist the urge to make our way to the source. The icy pathways were well trodden with visitors ooing and aaaing over the rainbow that glistened off the mist. Fortunately the mist was blowing away from us and not toward us and we were able to enjoy the falls in relative dryness.

For my third time at Niagara Falls, I decided why should I have to choose between the U.S. side and the Canadian side, but why not see them both on the same day? For $1 in U.S. or Canadian quarters, I was able to walk across the bridge in order to go through U.S. immigration. Before long I was staring at the Canadian cityscape from U.S. soil. It seemed to glow in flames of red and pink as the sun set in the background. The long pathway took me to different viewing platforms giving me a picture of the waterfalls from all sides. As the sun left the sky, the frozen viewing telescopes seemed to smile at me as if saying "yes, even winter is a good time to come to Niagara Falls."


  • Visit both sides of the waterfalls. The U.S. side is known for its beauty as you can go close to the falls and get the backdrop of the Canadian cityscape behind them. However, stay overnight on the Canadian side, which seems to be a bit safer and full of interesting nightlife from shows to casinos and arcades.

  • Bring your passport. You will need it to cross the border in order to visit both sides.

  • You will need a dollar in order to leave the Canadian side of the border and cross the bridge. There are machines that can make change, just make sure you have cash on hand.

A day seemed to be just the right amount of time to see the sights and attractions we wanted to see at Niagara Falls. Another hour and a half bus ride awaited us. Next Stop: Buffalo, New York

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