Name: Nadira O.

Age: 25

Location:  Khiva, but my motherland is Namangan (about 1000 half km from here).  

Occupation:  I was a teacher but then I became a police woman.  I have done this job 2 years.

Favorite Song: "Shunehalar" by Rayhon.

Nadira approached me as I was going through customs to strike up a conversation.  I must admit at first I thought she was going to check my bags, but we then chatted about life and traveling.  We sat down for a few minutes so I could ask a few questions…

And the spotlight begins….

Where Did You Learn English:  I learned in the University.  I studied Foreign Language Faculty.

What Do You Think About Your Current Job:  I like it.  Interesting.  I talk with 1,000 – 1,500 people every day.  Different nationalities. 

3 Future Goals:  I want to become officer.  After years I become officer because I went to university.

Do You Have Other Goals:  No just relate to that. 


1 Fear: I scared about … from I forget many words (she pauses).  Entry work.  Scared about losing job because this job is difficult to work.  Laws are very strong.  Must not smoking, drinking, going to bars.  Talking to boys without marriage. 

What Do You Think About Foreign Boys:  Friendly.  Open heart.  I never see bad boys from foreign countries.  All good boys maybe. 

1 Cultural Tidbit for Tourists: We love tourists.  My police man friends too.  When we talk with tourists they will ask all about them.  Their age, where they are from, if they are married.  All Uzbek people like tourists. 

Although Nadira is not allowed to travel outside of the country because of the job, she said she does have friends from around the world – Italy, France, Germany.  This makes sense with her curiousity about others and willingness to practice English and engage in interesting conversations.  Thank you for the conversation Nadira!  All the best!  


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