Welcome to Today's Local Video Spotlight.  Learn a little more about our Tallinn, Estonia free walking tour guide, Martin.  Being a tour guide has been his summer job for the last 2 years.  He is a Master's student studying Roman history and in turn loves history.  During the tour, Martin shared stories about the hipster Prime Minister, the President who made a rap video, laughed, joked, and provided us with very interesting facts and useful information. He was full of insight and recommendations about what to do and see in the city.  Martin seemed genuinely interested in chatting with the tourists and sharing with them, not just guiding them from point A to point B.  As always, I do enjoy these free tours!  You can also check out Tallinn free tour at http://www.traveller.ee/tour/tallinn-free-tour. Thank you Martin for an excellent tour... and best of luck on your studies!


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