Name: Maria S.

From: Dortmund, Germany

Age: 26

Country Count: 10

Music: To hear some German music while reading Maria's spotlight, click here or on the link above.

Maria was one of the members of my GAdventure Best of the Stans tour.  We spent many days together - on bus rides, shivering from the cold in a yurt, and exploring the beautiful countryside of the stans. While gazing at the mountains in the distance at Kyrgyzstan, I was able to ask her a few questions.  

And the spotlight begins….

When did you start traveling?: This is my first big trip.  I traveled, did some smaller trips like city trips for some days or holidays at the beach before this, but this is my longest trip.

Why did you start traveling?: To see the world.  To discover new cultures. For fun.

What is your most memorable country and why?: Kyrgyzstan and Kazakshtan.  Because of the landscape it is really amazing.  It has people who are very generous.  And because it is my first trip.  


What inspires you to travel?: I started to work just last year and I thought this can't be all of it.  I want to use my holidays to do something special.

Do you buy any souveniers when you travel?: I buy magnets and sometimes something special from this country. For example in Kazakhstan I bought a hat.  And I always buy postcards. 


How often do you travel?:  I can just say for this year, this is my second trip but I will travel again this year.  I will try to take three trip every year. 

How long are your trip?: 10 days each trip


How do you afford  your travels?: I work and I plan. 


How do you plan your travels?: I don’t really plan them.  I just search for the country and then go there.  I’m not a good planner that is why I didn’t have warm clothes or tissues.  So I just put things together and go.  I go to countries sometimes based on recommendations from friends and colleagues.  This one is personal – I wanted to see my home country.  But normally just recommendations.


How much time do you get off per year?: 30 days


What are your top 3 travel tips for others:  1) Bring an ebook reader because you can take many books with you and decide which one you want to read.  And it is very thin so you save space.  It is very light. 2) Pack always warm clothes. At least one set just in case. 3) Don’t plan too much.  Just do it.  When you think too much about it you may say oh no it is too much work, too expenseive.  Just do it.  Pay the bills later.

Our time with Maria came to an end in Kazakhstan as we split ways (she returned home and we continued onto Tajikistan).  All the best with your next travels Maria!  Thank you for helping make the Stans that much more memorable.

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