Name: Maksim K.

Age: 36

Where do you live?: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Nationality: Ethnically Russian, but born in Kyrgyzstan

Lives with: Wife and 3 kids (ages 6, 5, 5 months)

Music:  Click on the music links above for some Kyrgyzstan music to listen to while reading this spotlight.

Maksim was the GAdventure transportation and emergency manager and accompanied us throughout our time in Kyrgyzstan.  He danced while felt making, helped with some videos, and guided us through hikes.  While sitting outside one evening enjoying a cool breeze, I was able to ask him a couple of questions (with the help of Guly as translator).

And the spotlight begins….

Do you speak English?: No, I never learned.  I will start learning this year though.  Guly (our Gadventure guide through the Stans) will teach me. 

What is your job?: Manager of Transportation. 

And your previous jobs?: I have worked as a chef, worked in Parliament, and being an alpenist has been both a job and a hobby since 5th grade.


What do you like about your current job: I like to show my country.  I like to show the country from the beautiful side and the beauty of the nature (not just the dodgy side).  I am very much in love with my country. I always get frusterated when people say “You Russians go home”, because this is home, this is my country.

What are your top 3 future goals: 1) I plan to have two more children.  2) I want to open my  own touristic business.  This will include a wide spectre of business- adventure, social, cultural, everything depends on desire and request of the client.  If they ask for diving, we will dive.  If they ask for yatching, we will do yachting.  3) To be a good human.

What is one fear you have: I am afraid of one more revolution happening in this country because if one more revolution happens here the tourism can die and I like this (the tourism) sphere of business.

What is something cultural you would like to share with tourists:  The hospitality of the people.

What is one tip you have for tourists: Visit and enjoy.  Relax and enjoy. The main thing is to relax and take everything easier.  If the traveler gets stressed for every reason this can reflect on the personnel and the trip can be not as expected.

Some of my fondest memories in Kyrgyzstan were when Maksim was singing to the woman showing us how to felt and then dancing "like no one was watching" while stomping on the felt rug we made (stomping on the rug is part of the process).  He joked and smiled and helped us have an incredible time in Kyrgyzstan.  Thank you Maksim!

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