Name: Jon A.

Age: 58

Location: England

Occupation: Retired

Current Country Count: 108  

Song: Listen to some English music while reading over Jon’s spotlight.

Jon has this infectious smile.  He is full of a positive energy that comes out in his laughter and his stories.  We were lucky enough to have his company from Almaty to Tashkent on our GAdventure Multi-Stans tour.  During our homestay in the mountains of Tajikistan, I was able to sit down with Jon and ask him a few questions.


And the spotlight begins….

When Did you Start Traveling and Why:  Traveling around 1993 to see places. I saw a short trip that was going to Uzbekistan and it was somewhere I thought was never possible to go to.


What is Your Most Memorable Country and Why: If I had to pick one I would say Iran because of the friendliness of the people.  

What Is Your Inspiration to Travel: Just to see more places really.

Highlight of Traveling: Going to North Korea. Just that it was such an unknown sort of place and to actually be able to go and see what it was like (or at least what they allowed us to see).


Lowlight of Traveling: I don’t know…. Um… Cannot really think of anything in particular.


How Often Do You Travel:   As often as possible.

How Long Do You Normally Travel: 2 weeks.

How Do You Plan Your Travels: I look for destinations that I haven’t seen advertised before.  I look on the internet.  No particular sites.  Google searches.

How Much Time Do You Take Off Per Year:  Normally just over 5 weeks.

Top 3 Travel Tips:

1) Travel light, carry as little as you can. It is just easier.

2) Apply for the visas to the embassies direct.  Don’t go through other agencies.  There is nothing they can do that you cannot.

3) Go now.  You never know when disaster might strike or it might not be politically sensible to go.   If you see somewhere new advertised do it while you can because it might not be popular and the tour may end or something political might happen. You don’t want to miss it.


Preferred form of travel: Tour.  It would be lonely to go by yourself and friends haven’t got the same sorts of interests. 


Tour Benefits:  The organization is done for you.  When traveling with friends you have to figure out where to buy a train ticket.  Optimizes the amount of time you have also.


Tour companies used: GAdventures, Explorer, Exodus, Regent Holidays, Young Pioneer Tours, Undiscovered Destinations.

With another few countries this year, I imagine Jon will have more fascinating stories to share in the near future.  And I look forward to hearing them!  All the best Jon!

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