Name: Ingelin N.

Age: 30

Occupation: Social Worker

Current Country Count:   36

Favorite musician: Imgebjoerg Bratland. (Click on the video above or follow the link to listen to her music - another avenue to get to know Ingelin just a little bit better).

Ingelin and her sister (Marianne) were also members of the GAdventure Best of the Stans tour.  We spent many days together - going on hikes in the mountains of Tajikistan, sharing in meals of meat and potatoes, and bumping along the dirt roads of Kyrgyzstan.  While strolling along the plains of Ozero Sonkel, I was able to ask her a few questions.  

And the spotlight begins….

When did you Start Traveling and Why:  I guess I started traveling when I was about 1 year old…  Family holiday to Denmark every year. My first trip abroad by myself was when I was 15 years old.  I travelled to New York with my friend to visit her aunt who lives in Manhattan.  That was a big experience. Me as a 15 year old in that big city.  My friend’s aunt, she worked as a guide.  But we travelled the year after 9/11.  She didn’t have a lot of jobs or groups to guide at that time.  So we spent 2 weeks in New York and we had her as our private guide the whole time.  She knew a lot of the people so when we were going to Empire State Building and Chrysler Building and all the highlights, we didn’t need to stand in a queue.  We got VIP access because she knew a lot of people.  We got to see a lot in these 2 weeks.

What is Your Most Memorable Country and Why: I think that must be Tanzania because I really enjoyed and loved the nature and the people and there was so much to see.  I really like Zanzibar and Serengeti and Furu Guru and camping.  I think that must be my most memorable.  

What Is Your Inspiration To Travel: All the experiences.  I want to see more of the whole world – the nature, meet people, the culture. 

Highlight of Traveling: That is difficult to choose. I might say when I slept in a tent in the Serengeti with all the animals around.  No guards, no fences. Nothing.

Lowlight of Traveling: Not really I think.  No (I don’t have a lowlight of traveling).

How Often Do You Travel:   Once or twice a year.  It depends when I get my holiday.  Every year I travel to Denmark so that is my travel.  And I try to travel to another country through the year.

How Long Do You Normally Travel: 2 – 3 weeks.


How Do You Plan Your Travels: Actually I often travel with my sister, so we talk about where we want to go next and what we want to see.  Then we decide after looking at the temperature, price, and looking at tickets.

How Much Time Do You Take Off Per Year:  5 weeks.

Travel tips: I think I want to tell you some of my tips of what to bring. 


1) You should have a waterproof backpack because it is so light and strong.  When you are traveling all over the world and you won’t know what the weather will be like.  If you are in the rainforest, jungle or mountains it (the waterproof backpack) is really nice.


2) You should bring a big scarf because then you can use it as a blanket, a scarf, wear it over your head to protect you from the sun or if you are visiting a mosque.


3) Bring a water bottle carrier because then you don’t need to have your water bottle in your purse or backpack in case it leaks or something.  And it easy to have some water when you need it when you are walking or hiking in the mountains for example.

Preferred form of travel: With family or friends.  Because I like to share experiences and when I am traveling I take a lot of photos.  And I love to have someone I can show the photos to so we can talk together of what we have shared together.


Ingelin and her sister left the group at Tashkent, Uzbekistan to continue on their own adventures through the country.   I am glad we got to share in this journey together!  Happy travels on your next adventures!

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