Names: Jens M., Thorsten B., Timo G.

Ages: 29, 28, 42

Occupations: Finance Administration, Construction Manager, Accounting

Location: Bremen, Germany

Current Country Counts: 61, 55, 77   

Song They Enjoy: Mexiko

While going through the Tajikistan/Uzbekistan border, I met three German guys.  Having only seen a handful of tourists on the entire trip, I wanted to ask them about their travels and what brought them to this part of the world.  As we stood in line waiting for our passports to be checked I asked them a few questions.

And the spotlight begins….

How Long is this Current Trip: 10 days

And Your Current Route?:  We took a bus from Bishkek to Almaty.  Flew to Tashkent.  Took a taxi to Khujand.  Then another taxi to Tashkent.

Where Are You Staying?:  We stay in hotels or apartments booked through


How Did You Choose This Region?:  We came because we want to watch a futbol match in every country.


What is Your Most Memorable City on this Trip So Far and Why: Almay because there is a lot to do there.  

How Often Do You Travel:   Every holiday and on the weekend.  Up to 10 trips a year.  Some of the trips are long weekends or 3 /4 day trips. 

Where is Your Next Destination?:  Paris on Tuesday. 

​How Do You Plan Your Travels: It is a hobby to plan trips on our own.  I feel it is easy. 


Travel tips: At the banks in Uzbekistan you may only get 3000 soms per $1, but the big hotels may offer a better exchange rate.  Also, remember that getting visas to these regions can be difficult. 

Preferred form of travel: Small group of friends. 

The time had come for me to enter Uzbekistan. I wish these three boys all the best of luck in their next travels.  Who knows, maybe I will see them at a futbol match in another region of the world?

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