Name: Faridun V.

Occupation: Teacher and Transportation Manager

Location:  Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Age: 37

Lives with: Wife and 3 kids (ages 12, 9, 3)

1 Favorite Local Song:  It’s about my country.  This song name is Tajikistan My Lovely Country.   (Unfortunately I was unsure of which video this was on youtube.  I have included music from Tajikistan for your listening pleasure though). 

Faridun was with us throughout our time in Tajikistan.  He gave us information about the area, provided us with ample photo stops, and led the hikes through the mountains ofTajikistan.  Look for videos featuring our very own Faridun.  During breakfast one morning, I was able to sit down with him and ask a couple of questions...

And the spotlight begins….

When did you start learning English?:  I learned English in the University and also an English course.  I was in secondary school when I started learning English.  We started in 6th grade because in schools also we learned English 2 hours per week.  And after secondary school, university of 2 years.  Also while studying in University I learned English in many international organizations which studied English in Dushanbe.

What do you like about the job:  Tourism.  Tourism is my…. I think tourism is the future of Tajikistan because Tajikistan has very best potentials and potentials for developing tourism especially eco-tourism.  

What Are Your Top 2 Future Goals:  

1) My first my goals is many tourists here in Tajikistan.  Because with many tourists the lives of locals will be better. And economy also will improve. 

2) My goal  I would like to travel all the world and introduce with culture and with other peoples.


Have You Traveled Outside of Tajikistan?  If so, where?:  I have been in the United States and my trip supported by Congress of United States.  Program Open Vault.  I spend 20 days in United States – Washington, D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina.  It was my best experience in my life because I learned more and I saw a country as a United States.  When I came back here I wrote some articles of my trip and how we can use eco-tourism from U.S.A. here.  We also have mountains.  After this I won here 1 small grant from United Embassy here in Dushanbe.  I published one book about eco-tourism in Tajikistan and using energy of sun, wind, and bio-gas and also how we can decide ecology problems.  This was one small grant.  I organize here in Tajikistan 6 seminars with local people which live in village in mountains.  I think if many exchange programs it will be best for developing for also for local people.


What is 1 Fear You Have: I want peace in all of the world.  I am afraid of war. 

Do You Have Any Tips for Tourists:  Welcome to Tajikistan and enjoy our nature.  I also have a tip for locals.  My advice is that they need to know that tourist is income for each family.  If more tourists, the life of local people will be better especially in the village which is located in the mountain area in Tajikistan.  They need to keep nature clean.  Don’t cut the trees and put waste near the lake.  Everything must be clean. 

What Are 3 Aspects of Your Country That You Love?:  The mountains, the lakes, and the women.


Faridun accompanied us to the border of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan before we had to part ways. Thank you for helping make our stay in Tajikistan memorable.  For assisting in our interactions with locals and providing us with valuable insight into your country.  I hope we meet again!

Check out the videos below featuring Faridun...

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