Names: Mumin (M) and Dilshod (D)

Ages: 45 and 30

Lives with: (M) Single with daughter (age 18), (D) Family and children (ages 5,1)

Location: Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Occupation:  Bus Driver

For How Long:  8 years and 5 years

Company: Always with tourist company

Favorite Song: (M) Russian Folk Songs, (D) Shilarjurive (my first love)

Mumin and Dilshod maintained brilliant smiles and attitudes throughout our 10 day journey through Uzbekistan on our GAdventure Multi-Stan tour.  During one of the drives through the countryside I was able to ask them a few questions...

​And the spotlight begins….


Why Did You Choose to Work for a Tourist Company:  Because the salary is good. 

Tell Me About Tourism in the Country:  It is very useful because it is a cooperation, friendship, and hospitality.  And different types of business can appear on the basis of tourism.

Will you learn English:  (M)Yes, if I will have the opportunity I will learn. 

(D) Yes, very interested. 


What do you like about the job: (M) I love everything… everything about it. 

(D) I like the road… being on the road.  I like long drives.


1 Future Goal: (M) To create happiness.  One the goals to marry the tourist.  I cannot find one. 

(D) To see my children to grow up to be good people. 


1 tip for tourists: (M) Never forget me… that you were with me and the time we spent together. 

(D) Not to forget the same moments. 


1 Fear:  Only GOD. Only GOD.  Only GOD. 

How often do you work:  From the beginning of season to the end.  4 months.  Work one season in a year.  April – October. 

Thank you for a smooth, enjoyable ride throughout Uzbekistan!  May the road treat you well...

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