Name: Dilovar

Age: 30

Location:  Sarato Village, Tajikistan

Lives with: Parents, wife, and 3 children (ages 7, 4, 1)

Occupation:  I work here and in other house – two guest houses.   I only works in tourism.  Sometimes I also do driving.  I organize all of the tourist routines.  I am the director. 

Local Music:  If you are interested in hearing some Tajikistan music while reading over the spotlight, check out the video above.

I met Dilovar during our homestay in the Pann Mountains of Tajikistan.  He was there to help us with our bags when we arrived then again to serve us food during mealtimes.  With the help of Faridun as a translator, I was able to sit down with Dilovar after breakfast one day to ask him a few questions.

​And the spotlight begins….

Do you speak English?  When did you start learning English?:  No, I don’t speak English.  But my first daughter is studying in first grade.  She knows some English.  Because my house is also a guest house for tourists.

Where do the tourists come from: Germany, United States, Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Australia, Norway, Japan, and Russia. 

What do you like about the job: I like talking with the tourists and introducing different culture.  And also I want to develop tourism in this place and introduce tourists with mountains and the Tajik culture here.  I hope that in the future there will be many tourists here in this place.

What are your top 3 future goals:  

1) Create this women’s handicraft workshop. 

2) To build here ecotourism hotel.  Which all will be ecotourism style and don’t use air conditioning.  Use wind to cool the rooms.  And use all eco products for tourists.  No chemicals. 

3) Promotions about tourism to foreign people.  Many people don’t know of here.  Promotion will be good.  Tourists come here will be income for my village and better life for populations which live in this village. 


What is 1 fear you have: Peace.  If there will be peace in Tajikistan everything, all will be better every year. Peace.  If peace, also more tourists come here.  If no peace, this three goals we also cannot do.  Those goals which I say you.

What is 1 cultural tidbit for tourists:  I show here how the culture, the life of the people in the village.  How people lives and how women works in the house and prepares meals.  I wants to open here in this place one handicraft working place.  Women work in here and tourists come and can see how women do handicraft work.  I don’t have enough money now, but in the future this is my idea.  There is no place because women is not working here.  This will be for women’s job.  When women is preparing this they can sell these carpets all to tourists who comes here.

Do you have 1 tip for tourists: High altitude.  Tourists must see if they can come here or not because here is located 2,200 meters.  And also mountains area.  And usually here only these guest house can only offer national foods.  No European food. 

We have one more night in the guest house before we must leave these beautiful mountains.  In the meantime we will enjoy the food, hospitality, scenery, and nightly bonfires.  Thank you Dilovar for helping make our stay in the Pann Mountains memorable! 

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