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"The emirates comprise a mixed environment of rocky desert, coastal plains and wetlands, and waterless mountains. The seashore is a haven for migratory waterfowl and draws birdwatchers from all over the world; the country’s unspoiled beaches and opulent resorts also have drawn international travelers. Standing at a historic and geographic crossroads and made up of diverse nationalities and ethnic groups, the United Arab Emirates present a striking blend of ancient customs and modern technology, of cosmopolitanism and insularity, and of wealth and want."

Fun Facts and Trivia:

"The falcon is the UAE’s national symbol. Falconry is at the heart of Emirati culture and is a popular pastime."

Customs and Culture:

"Arabic is the official language of the UAE although English is widely spoken and understood."

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 Quick Facts: Entry & Exit, Safety & Security 

Vaccinations: Routine vaccinations, Hepatitis A, Typhoid

Visas: Visa is issued on arrival for US citizens for a stay up to 30 days

What to Pack"Within reason (like, don’t wander the city in your bikini, please. Best not to do that anywhere, actually), you can wear whatever you like in Dubai, but the rest of the UAE isn’t quite so liberal."

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Water Safety: Water is safe to drink

Currency: Emirati Dirham Exchange Rate


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"By the turn of the 20th century Dubai was a successful port. The souk (Arabic for market) on the Deira side of the creek was the largest on the coast with 350 shops and a steady throng of visitors and businessmen. By the 1930s Dubai's population was nearly 20,000, a quarter of whom were expatriates."

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