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"The Ezulwini Valley is the Kingdom’s main tourist area offering a wealth of attractions. Ezulwini means ‘place of heaven’, and the valley that bears this name certainly has its share of hedonistic delights. This is where tourism in Swaziland began, and today its attractions include hotels, restaurants, hot springs, casinos, a cinema, craft markets, art galleries, riding stables, a nature reserve, a golf course and a cultural village. Most visitors pass this way, and those who spend just one night in the kingdom will probably spend it here."

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"According to tradition, the people of the present Swazi nation migrated south before the 16th century to what is now Mozambique. Following a series of conflicts with people living in the area of modern Maputo, the Swazis settled in northern Zululand in about 1750. Unable to match the growing Zulu strength, the Swazis moved gradually northward in the 1800s and established themselves in the area of modern or present Swaziland."

Swaziland History Timeline

Fun Facts and Trivia:

"In 2013, a Swazi civil aviation official announced that it was illegal for witches to fly broomsticks at a height above 150 metres."

Legal System

Customs and Culture:

"There is a sharp social division between rural and urban residents, reflecting the growth of the middle class. Clans are ranked by their relationship to the king and heads of state. The Nkosi Dlamini clan, the royal clan, is the highest, followed by clans traditionally described as "Bearers of Kings" (clans that have provided queen mothers). Among co-wives, the ranking wife is usually determined by clan memberships rather than by order of marriage. Interclan contact is free."

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  Quick Facts: Entry & Exit, Safety & Security  

Vaccinations: Routine vaccinations, Hepatitis A, Typhoid

Visas: Not required for US citizens for a stay up to 30 days

What to Pack"The few essential items required for a trip to Swaziland would be bush clothing – safari jackets and trousers, a light sweater or jacket for the cooler evenings in the open, hats, sunscreen creams with high SPFs and sunshades."

When You Arrive

Water Safety: Drink bottled water

Currency: Lilangeni Exchange Rate

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