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"Long have Prince Lazar and Princess Milica searched where to build a new capitol. According to the folklore, they spend one night on a West Morava river’s hillside. That night Princess Milica dreamt of a vision, a premonition per se, of Stefan Nemanja, who told her to build the new capitol right there on that exact spot where they fell to their peaceful slumber. And so it was."

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Krusevac, Studenica Monastery, and Mokra Gora

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"The Serbs came to Balkan, along with other South Slavic tribes, in the Great Migrations during the 6th and 7th century, and were first mentioned by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus in the 10th century, when they were settling on the territory of today’s west Serbia."

Fun Facts and Trivia:

"Those raspberries you’re eating are Serbian! Serbia has been topping the global raspberry export list for several years now. In 2012, almost 95% of the world’s raspberries came from this country."

Customs and Culture

"Wedding celebrations often last for days. Before a couple enters their new house for the first time, the bride stands in the doorway and lifts a baby boy three times. This is to ensure that the marriage will be blessed with children."

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"Serbs tend to style up; slouching around in tatty gear and thongs may draw attention to you."

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Mokra Gora


"Steep, exciting relief covered with dense pine forests between Mt. Tara and Mt. Zlatibor was once known as “Markovo polje” (Marko’s field), a place where Marko Kraljević, a Serbian medieval knight and a hero of epic poetry, threw maces from one hill to another, according to traditional folk stories."

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To learn more, check out my blog posting:

Krusevac, Studenica Monastery, and Mokra Gora

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