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"The Grimaldi ascent began one night in 1297, when Francois Grimaldi seized the fortress of Monaco from a rival Italian faction. Disguised as a monk, he successfully led a small army into the fortress reclaiming it in the name of the Pope. The legacy of his daring victory is recorded on Monaco's coat of arms, which bears two monks brandishing swords."

Fun Facts and Trivia:

"Almost 30% of the population of Monaco was a millionaire in 2014, similar to Zurich or Geneva."

Customs and Culture:

"Monaco's high average income and individual wealth, as well as its very small size, make it a country with minimal class distinctions. The principality's status as a tax haven make it an attractive place to establish residence for wealthy people from all over the world. A significant number of residents are from a variety of nationalities, and several are celebrities, helping to make Monaco synonymous with wealth, power and prestige the world over."

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   Vaccinations: Routine vaccinations

Visas: Not required for US citizens for a stay up to 90 days

What to Pack: "Pack your most fashionable clothes, as people in Monaco dress to impress; don't forget comfortable walking shoes, though!"

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"From the earliest prehistoric times and Antiquity, the Rock of Monaco and its natural harbour served as a refuge for primitive populations, then navigators who had sailed from the East. It was in the 6th century BC that a Ligurian tribe which had settled in the region gave Monaco its name."

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