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"Kosovo is a self-declared independent country in the Balkans region of Europe. Although the United States and most members of the European Union (EU) recognized Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia in 2008, Serbia, Russia, and a significant number of other countries—including several EU members—did not. Given this lack of international consensus, Kosovo was not immediately admitted to the United Nations(UN). In 2010 the International Court of Justice ruled that Kosovo’s declaration of independence did not violate international law, but Serbia rejected that decision."

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"The name “Kosovo” derives from the name of a place in Serbia meaning “field of blackbirds”."

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 Quick Facts: Entry & Exit, Safety & Security 

Vaccinations: Routine vaccinations & Hepatitis A

Visas: Not required for US citizens

What to Pack"Stock up on feminine products. If you only use pads, then don’t worry about it. Pads are easy to find here. If you use tampons then bring a TON."

When You Arrive

Water Safety: Drink bottled water

Currency: Euro Exchange Rate

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"Prizren was the cultural and intellectual centre of Ottoman Kosovo. It was dominated by its Muslim population, who composed over 70% of its population in 1857. The city became the biggest Albanian cultural centre and the coordination political and cultural capital of the Kosovar Albanians."

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