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Hong Kong


"Hong Kong as we know it today was born when China’s Qing dynasty government was defeated in the First Opium War in 1842, when it ceded Hong Kong Island to Britain. Within 60 years, Kowloon, the New Territories and 235 Outlying Islands were also leased to Britain. However, the history of the more than 1100 square kilometres that Hong Kong now occupies predates the events of the Qing dynasty by more than a thousand years. And, as you explore the city’s colourful heritage, you’ll discover stories of powerful clans, marauding pirates and European traders."

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"Just when the area that is now Hong Kong became an integral part of the Chinese empire is difficult to say. What is certain, however, is that by the time of the Eastern Han dynasty (AD 25–220), Chinese imperial rule had been extended over the region."

Hong Kong History Timeline

Fun Facts and Trivia:

"Approximately 3/4 of of Hong Kong is rural, comprising of 24 country parks, scenic hills, woodlands, reservoirs and coastline easily accessible from the city."

Legal System

Customs and Culture: 

"Gold and red are lucky colours, so they make excellent gift wrapping."

Start Preparing for Your Trip

  Quick Facts: Entry & Exit, Safety & Security  

Vaccinations: Routine vaccinations, Hepatitis A, Typhoid

Visas: Not required for US citizens for a stay up to 90 days

What to Pack"Hong Kong has four seasons, although it doesn’t snow, so it is important to bring the proper clothes depending on the season you are traveling in."

When You Arrive

Water Safety: Water is safe to drink

Currency: Hong Kong Dollar Exchange Rate

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