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"The city first experienced an economic boom in the 12th century, when the rival port of Bruges started silting up. By the first half of the 14th century, Antwerp had become the most important trading and financial centre in Western Europe, its reputation based largely on its seaport and wool market."

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"It is believed that Belgium derives its name from the Belgae tribes which lived in the northern part of what was then Gaul around the third century BC. But what does Belgae stand for and where did these tribes come from? According to linguistic experts, the name has its roots from the proto-celtic words ‘belg’ and ‘bolg,’ which mean to swell with anger."

Fun Facts and Trivia:

"Did you know the Big Bang theory originated in Belgium, and supposedly cricket as well?"

Customs and Culture:

"Cleanliness is a matter of national pride. Belgians take pride in their personal appearance too. They dress well and are concerned with the impression they make on others."


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