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"The mixture of Armens with the indigenous Hayasa eventually produced the Armenian people as it is known today. The existence of two major segments in the Armenian people is best of all illustrated by the fact that Armenians call themselves "Hay" and their country "Hayastan" after Hayasa, while other peoples call them Armenians and their country Armenia after the Armens. "

Fun Facts and Trivia:

"All students have to take chess as a compulsory subject in school and there are even exams for it!  Armenia was also the first country to have adopted Christianity as its state religion."

Customs and Culture:

"Armenians put great emphasis on hospitality and generosity. There is also an emphasis on respect for guests."

​Start Preparing for Your Trip

   Vaccinations: Routine vaccinations and Hepatitis A

Visas: Not required for a US citizen for a stay up to 180 days

What to Pack: "Firstly, with respect to the clothes you'll need to take, you simply need to be aware that Armenia has a continental type climate. In other words, if you visit in winter you'll be facing sub-zero temperatures, whilst in summer the thermometer can easily reach as high as 40°C."



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When You Arrive

Water Safety: Drink bottled water

Currency: Armenian dram Exchange Rate

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City of Yerevan


"Yerevan is one of the ancient cities in the world. The naming of the city is interpreted in various interesting ways. One interpretation refers to Noah and his ark. According to it, Noah’s ark landed on Masis and as he came out of it, he saw the place of the city of Yerevan. In this regard, the name Yerevan has been related to the Armenian word “yereval” (երևալ) meaning “to be seen.”"

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