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"With natural routes to the north, Alberta has become a major jumping-off point for the development of Canada’s Arctic and subarctic regions. The scenery of the mountain parks in the west is internationally renowned."

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"The phrase "trick or treat!" first began in Alberta."


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"Women needn’t pack cocktail dresses and high heels for fancy dinners out in Alberta. Most establishments will welcome casual attire. A nice pair of jeans or dress pants with a dressy top will do the trick!"



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"Edmonton's valley location, with its abundance of water, timber and wildlife, has attracted settlement for several thousand years. The archaeological record is incomplete, but in 1976 a large campsite containing stone tools from the Middle Prehistoric period (between 3000 and 500 BCE) was discovered on a high bluff overlooking the North Saskatchewan River, likely a place where bands of semi-nomadic Indigenous hunters and gatherers met regularly."

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