Name: Asskarova

Age: 18

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Lives with: 85 year old grandmother (who spends most of the morning working out in the yard), her mother, and her step-father.

Music: For a music video on Almaty (to enjoy while reading this spotlight), click here.

Asskarova was my airbnb host while staying in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  She gracefully hauled my enormous bag up the stairs when I arrived then floated around the room as she made me dinner.  Sitting over a cup of tea we chatted about life.

And the spotlight begins….

When did you start learning English: About… 3 years ago.  In high school.

How long have you done Airbnb: My sister and my mother do this about one year.  And I connect to this about 2 months.


Where have you hosted people from:  Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, China, Russia, India, Turkey, and U.S.A.  I cannot think of more.


What do you like about airbnb: I like connecting to people.  I think this is so interesting because all of the people are so different. And they all of them have different stories, histories, and I like so much (she pulls out her phone to translate a word she wants to use) listening and delving into each of them.


What are three goals you have for the future: Study in the university – interior design or psychology?  Live in Moscow or St. Petersburg.  I want work, work, work.  Buy a flat.  Rent it out and travel the world.    


What is one fear you have: Fear of the unknown.  It is all new for me and I have fear (using her cellphone to translate) that something may fail.  And I will miss my family because they are … will be not close… not with me.


I wanted to ask more questions, but she had to help her grandmother in the kitchen… so that is just a little about the girl that helped make my first night in Kazakhstan that much more memorable. As I was preparing to leave, she asked if I could stay longer with them.  I wish I could – and this is a place I would come!  I was greeted, treated to dinner and tea, and let into their homes and their lives…  yes, I would love to stay longer!  The next chapter of my journey must begin though – my 3 week tour of the Stans. 

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